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Drakensberg Mountains

Early Days

From the earliest days, people have coveted the Drakensberg region. To the Voortrekkers, the mountains resembled a chain of fierce dragons; to the Zulu nation, a ‘Barrier of Spears’ – Ukhahlamba. The San left evidence of their lifestyle in numerous subtle cave paintings. King Shaka set out to conquer and lay claim to its fertile lands. European immigrants, both Boer and British, locked horns in their bid to possess the territory. The rich soils of its valleys, nestled beneath the natural protection of towering cliffs, have attracted wanderers from far and wide.

Kamberg Rock Art
Game Pass Shelter - Bushman Rock Art at Kamberg

In its remoteness and height, the Berg offers a magical window open to the fascination of the skies. The sun blazes as an oasis of light, warmth and life. The eager star-gazer is rewarded by a Milky Way that arcs across the night skies in a marvellous mass of stars. The various planets shine forth brightly, unimpaired by buildings or the interference of city lights. The well-known celestial constellations, Orion and Scorpio, are clearly visible and the Southern Cross marks the way with its two pointers. A rising moon in the East, large and glowing, and the setting sun over the Drakensberg peaks, is a wondrous daily experience.

Star gazing in the Drakensberg
Star gazing in the Drakensberg


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