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Drakensberg Mountains

Bushman Rock Art

Bushmen paintings can be seen in the countless caves and overhangs of the Drakensberg. In years gone by, these shelters provided dwelling space for the Bushmen or San. Whilst the men were superb hunters, the women gathered plant foods to supplement the family diet. The Bushmen loved storytelling, music and dance, and their rock paintings and engravings offer an intriguing glimpse of their way of life. The Drakensberg has been hailed as the largest openair art gallery in the world. Some rock art sites are easily accessible, the best being at Giant’s Castle and Kamberg. The San Rock Art Interpretive Centre at Didima Camp in the Cathedral Peak area and at Kamberg Nature Reserve provides fascinating insights into these gentle people, their art and their culture.

Drakensberg bushman rock art
Bushman rock arts sites - Game Pass Shelter - Kamberg Nature Reserve



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